Stang Circumcision Chair #5762

This light weight chair positions the infant comfortably while providing surgical access the the operative site.

Newborn pain management is an issue
of concern to many health care
professionals today.

Any physician or nurse who has attempted to extend the arms and legs of a term neonate to strap him into a rigid restraint, realizes the resistance to extension that all neonates possess. Positioning of the baby in the Circ Chair allows the infant to sit with his hips abducted and flexed, knees flexed, and head elevated at various positions up to 30-45 degrees. Soft velcro straps adjust to the
baby's size. The instrument platform is
designed to accommodate commonly used circumcision clamps.

  • Suitable for infants from birth to
    3 months
  • Folds flat for transportation
    and storage
  • Stackable


  • Replacement Circ Chair Pad #5763
  • Disposable Covers (one dozen) #5764
  • Disposable Straps (one dozen) #5765




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