Canopy Beds

Stay Safe Bed

The Stay Safe Bed has a completely padded interior — no exposed metal parts. The padding is constructed with Sure-Chek® healthcare vinyl and flame-retardant padding. The mattress is constructed of high density fire-retardant foam, covered with Sure-Chek® Vinyl and complies with Federal Flammability standard 16 CFR Part 1633.>


Easy Operating Handle

Turn handle and lift to unlock, then lower. To raise, just lift, and it locks securily.


Overall Length: 76"
Overall Width: 45"
Overall Height: 38"
Soft Vinyl Top Height 32"
Overall Height with Top: 70"
Distance from Mattress Deck to Top of Side Rail 16"
Distance from Top of Mattress to Floor 25"
  (Optional Stationary Feet Lower Mattress to 22" Above   Floor)
Caster Diameter: 2"
Mattress Width: 38"
Mattress Length: 73"
Mattress Thickness 4"
Head Elevation Feature: Operates by Hand Crank.
  Maximum Elevation Angle: 25°
Patient Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds


Soft Vinyl top

Easy Mount IV Pole

Storage Bin
Stationary Feet

Head Elevation

Allows one-third of the mattress to be elevated.

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