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About Pedicraft®

Pedicraft was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1966 by Dr. Richard Skinner to build a hospital crib that would meet the needs of the pediatric staff and provide safety to the patient.

A unique IV armboard - the Pedi-Board® - was introduced in 1969 and this year we are adding a flexible IV armboard, the Bendi-Board.

Pedicraft moved in December 1993 to the current location on St. Augustine Road in Jacksonville to consolidate offices, production facilities and warehouse space at one location. The Canopy Enclosed Bed was introduced in 1997 and a new warehouse was built.

The year 2000 brought the innovation of the Rover Pediatric Stretcher Crib, the first product of its kind - a pediatric stretcher with full crib-height side rails that could be completely lowered for 100% access to the patient.  The colorful blue, red and yellow finish of the Rover Stretcher Crib proved very popular and is now available on all Pedicraft cribs.

We continue to design our products based on the needs of pediatric patients and those who care for them. Every employee at Pedicraft knows that the safety and reliability of our products depend on their individual efforts. We take great pride in the products we build and in our reputation for excellent service.




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