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    Pedicraft is a Jacksonville, Florida based firm offering cribs, bassinets, enclosed beds, reflux wedges, IV armboards and other products for hospital and home use.

  • Hospital Products
    We provide a complete range of hospital products for the pediatric and newborn departments. Our products include hospital cribs, canopy beds and reflux wedges.

  • Homecare Products
    Pedicraft provides cribs, enclosed beds and reflux wedges for homecare use.

  • About Pedicraft
    Get more information about the history of Pedicraft.

  • Contact Pedicraft
    Contact us for more information.  Call us at 800-223-7649.

  • Bassinets
    Pedicraft offers a wide variety of bassinets with shelves, storage bins, cabinets and drawers.

  • Canopy Beds
    Pedicraft Canopy Beds are designed for use in hospitals as well as homes.

  • Crib Beds
    We offer cribs in sizes from neonatal to adult.

  • IV Boards
    The Pedi-Board IV Armboard is available in sizes from Preemie to Adult.

  • Reflux Wedges
    Pedicraft Reflux Wedges and Slings are designed for hospital and home use.

  • Rover Cribs
    The first crib to offer 100% patient access.

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